Bitcoin (BTC) Price Enters 'Overvalued' Zone: Charles Edwards of Capriole Investments

Mon, 06/01/2020 - 15:04
Vladislav Sopov
Charles Edwards, a seasoned crypto analyst and leader of the Capriole Investments digital assets fund, has shared an update on his 'Energy Value' prediction of Bitcoin
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Charles Edwards, author of the Energy Value model of the Bitcoin (BTC) price, noticed an interesting moment on its chart. And it doesn't take a great analyst to figure out whether it is, in fact, bearish or bullish.

Welcome back to the bullish market

As per the chart revealed by Mr. Edwards, the current Bitcoin (BTC) price was below its 'Energy Value' for nine months in a row. It entered this territory of undervaluation before the 'Xi Spike', in late Q3, 2019.

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According to this model, the Bitcoin (BTC) price overperformed its 'Energy Value' levels only in periods of prominent bullish rallies. E.g. this rule proved accurate in the 2016-2017 run as well as during the short but significant mid-2019 rally.

Also, the 'Energy Value' figures are lagging behind Bitcoin (BTC) price movements. This means that when the Bitcoin (BTC) price crosses the 'Energy Value' moving average from the bottom, the bullish rally has already gained some steam.

At press time, the Bitcoin (BTC) Energy Value is sitting at $11,111 while its SMA level is at $9,098. The Bitcoin (BTC) price is eyeing $9,600 on major spot exchanges.

$100,000 for Bitcoin (BTC), but be patient

The 'Energy Value' model of the Bitcoin (BTC) price is a unique six-digit prediction based not on the sentiment of a toxic Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist but on sophisticated calculations. As previously reported by U.Today, Charles Edward studied the energy fundamentals of the Bitcoin (BTC) network to explain its price movements.

This prediction says we should get prepared for a $100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) price by the year 2025 or 2026.

It is worth noting that Mr. Edward masterfully described the nature of the correlation between crypto and stock prices in periods of high market volatility.

According to his estimations,

When markets are in Extreme Greed: investors are attracted to risky assets and Bitcoin performance correlates with equities, or when markets are in Extreme Fear: investors dump risky assets and Bitcoin performance correlates with equities.

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