Bitcoin (BTC) Price One Dot Closer to $100,000, According to Stock-To-Flow Model

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 10:41
Vladislav Sopov
Slowly but surely, the Bitcoin (BTC) price is coming closer to another insane rally, as revealed by the updated 'stock-to-flow' model from trader and analyst PlanB
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The well-known cryptocurrency trader and analyst who goes by the name of PlanB (@100trillionUSD) published an update to the most popular Bitcoin (BTC) price model for bulls.

Second red dot

According to Plan B, the second red dot in the fourth Bitcoin (BTC) epoch flashed today. Red dots show the price of the king coin in the months following a fall in mining rewards.

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According to its past performance, explosive upmoves by the flagship crypto typically start in orange and yellow zones. However, with the maturation of cryptocurrency markets, the cycles are becoming smoother. This trend may be contributing to the surprisingly low volatility of the king coin.

This fact was mentioned by the author of this theory, Plan B. He noticed that the volatility refuses to grow despite the ongoing market recession.

Also, PlanB admitted that the position of the second red dot will be adjusted in late July 2020.

Mesmerizing and controversial model

The 'Stock-to-flow' models of the Bitcoin (BTC) price explain the cycles of its growth by the increasing scarcity of the asset. Scarcity increases, in turn, correlate with periodic reductions in Bitcoin (BTC) emission, which are hard-coded into its protocol.

As covered by U.Today Crypto News, PlanB insists that in the ongoing cycle, the Bitcoin (BTC) price may reach the $100,000 and even $900,000 levels. Its 'stock-to-flow' ratio derived from the current production and overall Bitcoin (BTC) supply, surpasses the scarcity of Gold (XAU).

Bitcoin (BTC) Price May Even Reach $900,000: PlanB on 'Stock-to-Flow' Misunderstandings

Despite the fact that PlanB's calculations are heavily criticized even by a portion of the Bitcoin (BTC) community, the $100,000 macro target for the Bitcoin (BTC) price is supported even by the more conservative 'Energy Value Theory' by Charles Edwards.

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