Bitcoin (BTC) Transfers Wealth to This Category of People, Asset Manager Says

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 10:49
Vladislav Sopov
The role of Bitcoin in the transfer of wealth between large groups of people is a sensitive topic for the crypto community. Here's another perspective on it
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Travis Kling is a founder and CIO of Ikigay Asset Management, a multi-strategy crypto assets fund. He has revealed which quality is necessary for those who would like to benefit from Bitcoin (BTC).

Patience is a virtue

According to Mr. Kling, he is frequently asked by his audience why the price of the flagship cryptocurrency asset isn't much higher right now. He believes that the reasons for this lag are far from the world of digital currency.

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All Bitcoin (BTC) owners should just be patient and avoid hurrying their relationship with the king coin. 

Mr. Kling pointed out only one dominant direction for Bitcoin (BTC)-related transfer of wealth. The crypto king prefers to change weak hands for 'patient' ones, as does the value stored in it.

As a result, the well-known strategy of 'stacking sats' may be the smart bet, in particular - for newbies in crypto.

Central banks will do the leg work

National central banks and their policies will be one more prominent catalyst for Bitcoin (BTC) growth. Mr. Kling highlights that they will do 'all the leg work' for Bitcoiners.

It looks like he is hinting at the policy of 'quantitative easing', which may lead to the hyperinflation of the fiat U.S. Dollar. As it plays a crucial role in the world monetary system, this deflation may turn peoples' attention towards cryptocurrencies.

This, in turn, will increase the demand and make the price surge significantly.

As covered by U.Today Crypto News, patience is common among Bitcoin (BTC) hodlers. More than 60% of Bitcoin (BTC) hasn't moved in over one year.

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