Bitcoin Core v0.2.0 Released. Don't Forget to Update Your Node Software

Wed, 06/03/2020 - 14:35
Vladislav Sopov
Bitcoin Core is an open-source software of the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol maintaining the integrity of the network and preventing splits. The new release is available now
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Installation binaries for the new release are available on the Bitcoin Core official website. Its source code can also be found in the Bitcoin Core main GitHub repository

Notable changes

According to Bitcoin (BTC) veteran Jameson Lopp, 117 people have contributed to this release. The software updates mainly address peer-to-peer interaction within the Bitcoin (BTC) network, remote procedure call (RPCs) structures and Bitcoin (BTC) wallets.

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In the new release, BIP61 has been removed so users can't enable the rejection of network messages from Bitcoin Core. Now, this instrument can only be used when connected to a trusted node.

RPC reorganization affected the mechanisms of the fee calculation, new wallet creation and public key sorting. Also, the Bitcoin (BTC) network ceased using Open SSL protocol.

The ability to customize RPC sets that users can call introduces the function of whitelisting or blacklisting some RPCs. When starting Bitcoin Core, all settings are now saved in a debug.log file to facilitate the process of troubleshooting.

Community responds

Now Bitcoin (BTC) wallets by default use bech32 addresses when using RPC, and create native SegWit change outputs. Also, the way the output trust was calculated has been changed. It affects the logic of unconfirmed/confirmed balance status demonstration.

As usual, the global Bitcoin (BTC) community celebrated the new release and applauded the creativity and productivity of its contributors.

Mostly, commenters have highlighted the upgrades of the graphic user interface (GUI). Some node runners noticed that it has become more responsive.

Furthermore, users ironically outlined that Bitcoin (BTC) released its v0.2 software before Ethereum (ETH) managed to ship its 2.0 version.

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