CEO Brendan Blumer Reveals His Focus for 2020

Fri, 05/22/2020 - 15:00
Vladislav Sopov
EOS.IO open-source software, backed by the team, is well-known for the diversity of projects that it powers. Not least, is it a result of VC investment activity
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Despite the fact that the ongoing market recession is nowhere near its end, many investors are treating this sensitive period as being very favorable for new VC programs. Brendan Blumer, the CEO of company, shares such a perspective.

VC is in the spotlight

Mr. Blumer highlighted that investing in promising projects is at the top of his agenda for this turbulent year. He is enthusiastic about both 'portfolio' companies and ongoing investments.

He has teased new projects to be supported by EOS VC, an investment branch of his company. EOS VC funds and provides mentor support for the products build around EOS.IO open-source software. 

Also, EOS VC launched a hackathon with 1,700 participants and 280 products.

Mr. Blumer asked all interested development teams to contact EOS VC directly by e-mail.

Products of all sorts

Many representatives of projects have started calling for the attention of future investors in the comments of Mr. Blumer's post. Supporters of social media platforms and decentralized blockchain-based games were among the most active.

According to Crunchbase, EOS VC participated in four investment rounds in 2020. On February 24, it was revealed that Agora Innovation, a digital solutions company raised $750K in seed investments with EOS VC involved.

In March, the Big Run game studio also raised some money from EOS VC. In April 2020, a foundation took part in two venture investment rounds for Gapless and Unrd products.

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