EOS.IO Based Voice Social Media Platform Has Public Launch

Sat, 07/04/2020 - 14:59
Vladislav Sopov
Salah Michael Zalatimo, CEO of an EOS.IO-based social media platform called Voice, announced its official launch today.
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The official keynote by Salah Michael Zalatimo states that Voice launched several months before it was previously scheduled due to the ‘things’ that ‘changed’.

Voice Says, ‘Hello world!’

As of today, the EOS.IO-based social media platform Voice is live and available to readers worldwide. However, only registered users can publish content.

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To join the pool of registered Voice publishers, users are asked to request for ‘early access’ from the team's administration. In the next stage, the friends’ invitation function will go live. Beginning August 15th, everyone who requested early access will be able to recommend Voice registration to his/her friends and build communities.

Numerous upgrades to the Voice interface and performance may follow in the Fall. Previously, Block.one's team planned to launch Voice a few months later, but ‘the world changed’ and the terms of release were reconsidered.

However, the main goal of the new product remains unchanged. It is designed to help people take social media away from Big Tech, ‘putting humans first’ according to welcome post by the project's leader. 

Controversial Release

The iOS application for the Voice platform is also available in the App Store. Thus, this release may acquaint people with the interface and toolkit of an unusual social network.

The release hasn’t come without problems. As previously reported by U.Today, EOS enthusiasts noticed that Voice users’ posts were available weeks before the official launch.

The project was criticized for its cumbersome know your customer (KYC) checks, which are required to operate its token rewards mechanism. Moreover, users from different countries claimed that the system recognized their attempts to open the Voice website as a DDoS-attack, preventing them from their first interaction with the EOS.IO-based social platform.

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