IOTA-Based Technology Fuels Digital Health Passport: Details

Thu, 07/02/2020 - 14:03
Vladislav Sopov
IOTA distributed ledger technology has powered many real-world applications. Today, the European Fundraising Association called an IOTA-based solution a top innovation
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According to the official release by the EFA, the IOTA Selv app is one of the most useful innovations in the world of achieving social good.

Digital Health Passport, a blockchain-based solution for sensitive information

IOTA Selv, a digital identity solution, is designed to share, verify and manage personal credentials. Firstly, it processes health certificates and allows demonstrating them to employers and health control authorities.

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Also, it can be used in visa applications in the case that health records are required for traveling. Thus, it allows three-party interaction between citizens, entrepreneurs and authorities in a trustless and reliable manner.

As revealed by Dr. Michele Nati, lead technical analyst of the IOTA Foundation, the creation of this environment allows processing sensitive credentials without sacrificing user privacy. He also admitted that the development of IOTA Selv was accelerated by the ongoing global issues.

Florian Doebler, IOTA's Head of Social Impact and Public Sector Development, claims that this technology will be in demand for many decades. Its long-term sustainability is the feature that IOTA is particularly focused on.

On the road to decentralization

As covered by U.Today, IOTA Foundation has started rolling out its bridge to a fully decentralized system. The first phase of this migration, dubbed Pollen, started onboarding developers three days ago.

Pollen will incentivize public trial testing of all IOTA 2.0 components without the interference of the Coordinator, the only centralized data structure in the modern IOTA DLT.

IOTA (MIOTA) Redesigns Website, Teases Path to IOTA 2.0

Also, IOTA recently re-designed its website to visualize every aspect of the upcoming transition (Coordicide) in a modern and intuitive way.

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