IOTA (MIOTA) Redesigns Website, Teases Path to IOTA 2.0

Mon, 06/01/2020 - 12:01
Vladislav Sopov
The IOTA Foundation has announced the launch of their new project website. This release is the next step in their series of major IOTA updates for Q2, 2020.
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On May 31, 2020, the development team of the IOTA Foundation, the organization between the IOTA DLT infrastructure, proudly presented its newly redesigned website.

New website, new IOTA

According to the official announcement, the new website has ambitious objectives. It aims to demonstrate the cutting-edge technologies of IOTA and reflect the maturity of the IOTA Foundation.

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IOTA Foundation has asked all visitors of the new website to contact developers with feedback. It was also highlighted that the new site is a milestone on the path to IOTA 2.0.

The new website has a futuristic design. It includes samples and descriptions of the main IOTA use-case solutions, such as social impact, mobility, smart cities, global trade and digital identity. Some of them were discussed in our exclusive interview with IOTA founder David Sonstebo.

Also, there are separate dashboards for different categories of guests - community members, developers and entrepreneurs - inviting them to engage, develop and innovate respectfully.

Bright prospects

The epoch of IOTA 2.0 mentioned in the announcement may refer to the post-Coordicide era of IOTA product development. Coordicide is the event of disabling the Coordinator mechanism, the last point of centralization within IOTA's distributed data storage.

As previously reported by U.Today, on April 2, 2020, IOTA published an official explanation of Coordicide. It will take five steps to make IOTA data structures fully decentralized.

Recently, the Hornet team, which develops software for IOTA nodes, announced a new release, Hornet v.0.4.0. This significantly improves upon the UX and performance of IOTA mechanisms.

This impressive announcement resulted in a 15% price rally of the IOTA token.

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