John McAfee Says Binance (BNB) CEO Changpeng Zhao May Be in Center of Storm, Governments to Blame

Mon, 06/29/2020 - 12:16
Vladislav Sopov
Legend of the cryptocurrency world and prominent libertarian John McAfee has posed a couple philosophical questions about man and government
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Crypto baron John McAfee has noticed the sorrowful and dangerous trend in the evolution of the modern state. He insists that they fail to sere their citizens. Also, he has identified one person in crypto who may be targeted by the next anti-blockchain attacks of governments.

From servants to masters

Mr. McAfee emphasized the totalitarian and suppressive essence of the modern government and public administration institutions. He claims that an adult person doesn't need such a level of control over their lives.

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For Mr. McAfee, this sad situation is the result of regression. At some point, governments became masters of nations, not servants.

One of the most influential people in the cryptocurrency realm, the CEO and founder of Binance, the world-leading multi-currency exchange platform, Changpeng Zhao, outlined that, unfortunately, this state of affairs is constant. He accused politics of an eternal hypocrisy.

It hasn't changed. The distinction there is what they say vs what they do

Thus, the main contradiction for him is not between freedom and dictatorship, but between ideology and political practices. 

Who is at the center of the storm?

Mr. McAfee agreed with this sad conclusion by CZ. He called the response from the Binance CEO the truest words ever spoken.

Also, crypto Baron McAfee believes the future role of Changpeng Zhao in these conflicts between states and people will be unique. Once governments realize how powerful of a threat cryptocurrency instruments pose to states, a huge storm will arise.

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Changpeng Zhao will be in the center of this terrible storm. It looks like his unmatched influence in the blockchain world won't go unnoticed by governments.

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