Litecoin (LTC) MimbleWimble Protocol to Launch Testnet This September, Main Dev Says

Wed, 06/03/2020 - 12:32
Vladislav Sopov
MimbleWimble is a privacy-focused protocol for obfuscating Litecoin (LTC) transactions. Its developer David Burkett has shared an updated roadmap of MW implementation
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David Burkett, the evangelist of the MimbleWimble privacy protocol, has published another monthly update. He unveiled a detailed roadmap for Q2-Q3, 2020, and revealed the date of the testnet launch.

MimbleWimble testnet is on the menu

According to Mr. Burkett, he has finished the implementation of MW blocks logic. Now, once the block is received, the blockchain validates it and the UTXO set is updated.

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Also, he has started work on the mempool logic, which is one more significant step towards the integration of MimbleWimble into the Litecoin (LTC) network. Now, Mr. Burkett has a clear progress plan for the next three months.

In June, he said, the protocol will start mining valid chains with MW blocks to assure the integrity of blockchain operations. In July the initial block will be downloaded in a specific MW manner with fragmentary transactional history and UTXO data.

After some final tuning in August, September is set as the preliminary date for the testnet launch.

Charlie Lee welcomes the progress

Founder of Litecoin (LTC) Charlie Lee warmly appreciated the progress of MimbleWimble implementation. He highlighted the community-driven essence of MimbleWimble funding and expressed his gratitude to all sponsors.

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As previously reported by U.Today, MimbleWimble, a privacy-focused protocol that will obfuscate transactions in the Litecoin (LTC) network is created by Grin developer David Burkett.

His $6,000 compensation is collected by the donations of Litecoin (LTC) enthusiasts. Charlie Lee doubles every donation accepted.

According to the semi-official project forum, 972.8 LTC have been raised at press time, 727 of which are sent to Mr. Burkett.

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