New Bitcoin Use Case Could Be Touchless Payments After Lockdown, Crypto Influencer Says

Thu, 05/14/2020 - 12:40
Yuri Molchan
A crypto influencer assumes Bitcoin could take center stage when touchless payments in businesses become a norm globally after the lockdown is over
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Now that the lockdown isolation becomes weaker and Elon Musk has even restarted one of his Tesla factories in the US, some in the crypto sphere assume that the society and businesses will continue to practice social distancing after the lockdown.

Touchless payments, they believe, will be a major part of it with Bitcoin and other crypto on the centre stage.

Will touchless payments become the post lockdown focus?

Twitter user ‘Satoshi Flipper’ has published a post in which he offers his 55,300 followers to consider what the post lockdown society will be like and whether it will be following the same rules as during the self-isolation. E.g., social distancing, as well as other rules.

Satoshi Flipper emphasized touchless payments and the major role Bitcoin (with other cryptos) is likely to take at that point.

‘Accelerate hyperbitcoinization and fuel it’

The Blockstream CEO Adam Back believes that adopting and using Bitcoin (hyperbitcoinazation) is important, therefore opting out of traditional assets into Bitcoin should be done. As well as expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem after the lockdown.

“Opt out. Buy #bitcoin. Use the ridiculousness for motivation to build more things for Bitcoin, to fuel accelerating hyperbitcoinization.”

Robert Kiyosaki praises Musk for reopening Tesla

The investment guru and the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki has taken to Twitter to address Elon Musk who recently restarted one of his Tesla factories in the US, promising that should the police arrive he would be there to prevent his workers from getting arrested.

Robert Kiyosaki, apparently, believes the global lockdown to be unnecessary, so he insists that the world needs a bigger number of strong leaders, like Musk, who would be able to find better solutions than self-isolation. He tweets:

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