Popular 11 Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Platforms in 2019

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Thu, 05/21/2020 - 19:35
Vera Yurina
🤔💡👍Where to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? This ultimate guide will help you to master the skill of smart cryptocurrency trading.
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Since they were launched, cryptocurrencies started changing the digital economy and are gradually being introduced into the real world. Thus, the amount of platforms allowing to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is growing at a high rate.

Despite a large number of trading websites and apps, it’s hard to make a choice – not all of them are equally suitable for your needs and requirements. With this ultimate guide, you’ll get an insight into the worthiest crypto trading platforms, their features, and strong sides.

Before we plunge into reviews, let’s figure out what makes a decent trading platform.

Mission-critical points to consider

  • The level of safety and security. Luckily, the majority of BTC exchanges ensure tight security of their products, so you don’t have to worry. What makes a trading platform safe? First, use of SSL certificate (you’ll see the HTTPS in the website’s URL) prevents leaking of users’ personal data. Secondly, secure platforms feature 2-step authentication to cut access for anyone else except the user. Thirdly, look at overall reputation and read reviews – if an exchange has been hacked at least twice, it’s not worth your trust.
  • The liquidity of coins exchanged. A trading platform with high trading volumes will also have high liquidity of assets. High liquidity is a sign of a good platform.
  • The number of trading pairs accessible for users. Of course, trading of such pairs as BTC/ETH, BTC/USD, ETH/LTC is essential, but what about rare cryptocurrencies? Before you rush to register on a platform, make sure it supports the trading pairs you’re interested in.
  • Trading commissions. They ought to be as low as possible, but don’t believe the first numbers you see – read the fine print and terms attentively to understand the rate of fees and conditions where they apply.
  • Available payment options. Choose a platform that offers several payment alternatives that are available in your region and stay moderate. Credit/debit cards and wire transfers are traditional methods that come by default, but some users prefer digital payment systems (PayPal, WebMoney, and so on).
  • Customer support quality and reply time. In case of urgent issues, you need your questions to be answered immediately. No one wants to wait for days or weeks to have their problems solved. Thus, you should do research to find out how responsive and user-friendly the customer support service is.
  • The last but not the least is the website interface. It should be intuitive and convenient for you to abstain from committing serious errors by navigating through the wrong pages – it can cost you not only time.

All things considered, now we’ll review in detail BTC and cryptocurrency platforms to exchange digital forms of money.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges and as of now is positioned as one of the most reliable Bitcoin merchants around the globe. It was established in 2012 and has since been setting the standard of crypto exchanges by providing innovative security features, new exchanging pairs, payment methods, and many more perks for users.

Right now, Coinbase is running an asset base worth $100 million raised from numerous trusted contributors from different countries. Also, the platform is supported by financial insurance coverage, so if customers become victims of a hacking, they will be fully or partially compensated.

You can send your fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP and so forth) to Coinbase and effectively store your cryptographic forms of money that you can later withdraw in a Ledger Nano S or Trezor-like gadget.

Coinbase is also helpful in light of the fact that it enables you to purchase digital currencies by means of credit/charge cards. The procedure is fast and takes a few steps only.

The main reasons to become a Coinbase user are:

  • Coinbase enables clients to purchase the six best cryptocurrencies.
  • “Instant Exchange" alternative option allows clients to enjoy quick exchanges.
  • Clients use their free online wallet when exchanging on the platform.
  • All the clients’ funds exchanged on the platform are covered by insurance, protecting them against loss in case of technical failures or hacking.

The only thing you should take into account is the fact that Coinbase isn’t suitable for beginners – it should rather be used by experienced users.



  1. High liquidity

  2. Optimal limits

  3. Instant purchase option

  1. Transactions with bank transfer take up to five days to be processed.

  2. Coinbase tracks where you spend your crypto and blocks some users from purchases in the darknet.

2. Coinmama

Image by Coinmama

Coinmama is another well-known digital platform for exchanging BTC and different coins. Every day, over 200,000 operations are performed on this website. Coinmama is great for purchasing all popular basic altcoins and BTC. Clients can buy crypto utilizing debit and cards. However, Coinmama doesn't offer the alternative to sell your coins like that.

Anyway, the platform is operating in more than 226 countries and is available in half of the US states. As for their exchanging commission, they charge a 5.5% fee for each purchase, with Visa cards requiring an extra 5%. As indicated by Coinmama, most banks and credit organizations consider acquiring Bitcoins as a loan, which results in higher exchange expenses.

Also, Coinmama has exchange limits depending on account verification. The more personal info is provided by a client, the higher is the transaction limit. The lowest exchanging limit every day is $10,000 – quite a lot, isn’t it? After you provide all confirmation subtleties, the platform will erase all daily trade limits.

So, why you should consider Coinmama?

  • The platform displays live pricing of coins in both USD and Euro.
  • Coinmama supports different languages to remain convenient for clients from various areas over the world.
  • Purchase of Bitcoins is available.
  • Selling its own assets, Coinmama removes middlemen, which excludes the risk of asset overpricing.
  • Over 200 crypto coins are supported.



  1. Available in many countries

  2. Trusted and reliable platform

  3. High limits for BTC operation with bank cards

  1. Very high fees compared to counterparts

3. Kraken

Image by Kraken

Launched in 2013, this is one of the largest BTC trading platforms. It offers reliable and useful trading tools for users and totally complies with the guidelines set by the SEC. At present, it offers 15 trading pairs.

Kraken has established the image of a reliable platform. Truth be told, after the Mt. Gox hack, the organization was picked as the only trustee of the remaining assets from the notorious website. One of the main reasons to choose this platform is low commissions: maker and taker fees range from 0% to 0.26% – way lower than Coinmama! There’s also BTC pricing to Bloomberg terminal.

Consider Kraken thanks to the following facts:

  • Kraken supports trading of USD, Euro, and a few other fiats.
  • Customer support is provided around the clock.
  • Kraken offers 15 diverse crypto pairs.
  • Numerous trading tools and functions are provided.
  • Trading fees are more than reasonable.



  1. High liquidity

  2. Supports all basic crypto assets

  3. Great for seasoned traders

  1. Slow processing time

  2. Arbitrary closing of accounts

4. Bittrex

This platform boasts a huge amount of users with regards to exchanging Bitcoins. Bittrex is highly popular thanks to its intuitive navigation and easy-to-understand interface.

Bittrex enables clients to exchange more than 190 coins through various pairs. This US-based website is one of few crypto organizations staying under the strict control of the official regulators, which adds security. It abides by laws and regulations to ensure the security of their clients.

Bittrex has a clear sign-up procedure requiring your email address and a solid password. In order to withdraw money, you’ll need to verify your identity using an ID card/passport, utility bill, and your phone.

Extra verification will increase the daily exchange limit. Besides, you’ll be able to set up 2-factor authentication.

Bittrex has the following outstanding features:

  • Users can purchase or sell more than 190 crypto coins.
  • Bittrex utilizes many security features including the two-factor confirmation and encryption of user information.
  • Works around the world.
  • It has an amazingly easy-to-understand interface convenient for both novices and advanced users.



  1. Allows trading 190+ coins

  2. Intuitive UI

  3. Abides by laws

  1. Much personal information is required to remove exchange limits.

  2. It’s a crypto-to-crypto exchange only, which implies you cannot make any installments or exchange fiat.

5. ProBit

Image by ProBit

ProBit is a platform that was launched on November 30, 2018. It is one of the most popular Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platforms, having finalized more than 165 rounds of IEOs to date.

Incorporated in South Korea, ProBit was among the pioneers of trading against the Korean Republic won (KRW).

It seems that the exchange is focused on security and having a rich trading performance. This platform supports cutting-edge safety solutions such as FIDO U2F, hardware security key, and software-based two-factor authentication.

The exchange team states that 150+ coins are ready for listing.

Exchange issued its native token, PROB, which can be used for fees reduction. A trade mining option (similar to Binance’s BNB transactional mining) is also available.



  1. Incorporated in South Korea, which has a very reliable legislation.

  2. High-level security toolkit.

  3. Active IEO policy, many rare assets available.

  1. Cumbersome interface.

  2. High fees, especially without the PROB being staked.

6. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is one of the most well-established players in the sphere of crypto exchanges for novices. It is very similar to Bittrex, however, it allows users to deal with fiats like USD, EUR, and GBP. Bitfinex boasts gigantic turnover volume, so liquidity is never an issue while purchasing or selling on this platform as it generally positions among the Top-10 on CMC.

Bitfinex platform’s UI is not cluttered and provides clear guidelines on each page, showing how to sell and purchase currencies without a hitch.

Likewise, to begin on Bitfinex, you have to register, confirm your ID, and validate your profile. It regularly takes 15-20 business days after submitting your ID to become a regular platform user. By the way, if you prefer trading on the go, Bitfinex offers mobile applications with exactly the same functionality.

Why consider Bitfinex? Aside from having a brilliant user interface, it charges from 0.1% to 0.8%.

Image by Bitfinex

Bitfinex works around the world with the exception of a few countries and the US.



  1. Allows working with both crypto and fiat

  2. High liquidity

  3. Intuitive, clear UI

  4. Mobile app

  1. Too much time is required for account verification

  2. Has a history of hacking

7. Cex.io

Image by Cex

Cex.io is a popular trading platform that enable clients to purchase and sell BTC and different coins. It allows for transactions with bank exchanges and bank cards.

Cex.io additionally enables its clients to exchange Bitcoin for 4 fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, and RUB). The platform boasts low commissions, a relatively high exchange speed, and quick access to the most popular trading pairs, such as ETH/BTC.

This exchanging apparatus gives low spreads, quicker exchange speeds, and fast access to liquid crypto pairs, such as ETH/BTC. It can be done through the web-based interface or by using a mobile app. Cex.io fees are very moderate, and depend on which role you take – maker or taker. Fees range between 0%-0.20%. Moreover, traders working with higher volumes are charged lower transaction fees.

Here’s why you should consider Cex.io:

  • Cex.io ensures higher liquidity through its order book, which provides them with access to the liquid assets.
  • The website has strict security control and provides 2-step authentication.
  • Cex.io charges very low fees.
  • The platform allows for exchanging both fiat and digital forms of money – it’s convenient for all users.
  • Cex.io boasts decent customer support and keeps your investments safe.



  1. Works with both fiat and cryptocurrency

  2. Reliable and trustworthy platform

  3. Low transaction fees

  1. Bank withdrawals can be expensive.

  2. BTC money transfers are a bit complicated.

8. Binance

Binance is the world's largest trading platform that combines a large set of instruments, including exchange and wallet. Besides, you can benefit from Binance Labs and Charity information. Binance also possesses its proprietary coin called BNB that’s used to perform crypto-to-crypto payments. Binance supports 130+ different coins, so it’s a great place for buying crypto.

Yet, two versions of Binance are very different: the one for beginners with basic features is very convenient. The advanced version is harder to comprehend. Binance has about 0.05-0.1% fees, which is great. Most assets have deep markets, making Binance great for both beginner and experienced traders.

Another thing making Binance highly convenient is multiple languages – that’s why it attracts users from all over the world. There’s a mobile app for different OS, as well.



  1. Low transaction fees

  2. Convenient basic version

  1. No exchange with fiat

9. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is one of Europe's favorite Bitcoin exchange websites – actually, some crypto users even call it "Europe's Coinbase". Surprisingly, it’s an Australian-based project that provides users with convenient trading tools.

At the moment, it supports 16 cryptographic forms of money.

Customers can also use 4 fiats to buy coins on the platform including EUR, GBP, CHF, and USD. Three years ago, it was rewarded for being the highest trading fintech startup that’s set to accelerate implementation of cryptocurrency in Europe.

Why consider Bitpanda?

  • To every new user, Bitpanda provides a free wallet to store their assets for trading.
  • It’s one of the rare platforms that offer 24/7 client support for every customer.
  • Use of fiat currencies is allowed.
  • Bitpanda operates several types of payment including bank exchanges, Visa and Mastercard, cash, SOFORT, Skrill, and Neteller.



  1. Clean, intuitive interface

  2. Numerous payments methods

  3. No major hacks happened recently

  1. Fees aren’t disclosed (about 2%)

  2. A few altcoins available

10. KuCoin

KuCoin is a great cryptocurrency exchange platform that has received a lot of props and acclaim during the last half of a year. It’s not surprising considering the team developing the project and a convenient, intuitive user interface. By the way, the platform was founded in 2011 and has gained good reputation throughout these years.

As for liquidity and trading volume, KuCoin ranks among the best 25 exchanges on CMC and keeps including new coins/tokens in their set of available tokens. The platform is praised for its heavy focus on security as well.

From the investment perspective, KuCoin's native token (KuCoin Shares) would be great for holding because it provides some passive income in exchange fees (holders get a 1% discount for every 1000 KCS sold). One remarkable thing that many novices miss is that KuCoin is one of the rare exchanges that pays you NeoGAS for keeping NEO on it. Fees are moderate.



  1. Low fees

  2. Passive income for native coin holders

  3. Safe and reliable

  1. No fiat is supported

  2. The website can be slow during traffic peaks

  3. No mobile app

11. Huobi

This is one of the rare crypto exchanges that still haven’t established their presence in the United States. This trading project was born in China and supports around 250 digital currencies. Huobi has 2 unique versions: Huobi OTC (allows exchanging of crypto with fiat monetary forms at zero charge) and Huobi Pro (leverages additional exchanging capacities). Huobi is also planning to launch a crypto exchange fund (ETF) to be called HB10.



  1. Wide choice of cryptocurrencies

  2. Around-the-clock customer support

  3. Moderate fees

  1. Has falsified trading volumes

  2. Mostly suitable for South-Asian audience

As you see, there’s an endless choice of BTC and crypto trade/exchange websites and apps. However, they support different currencies and have different features, so it’s crucial to pick an option that meets your personal requirements. Hopefully, this guide has given you a clearer picture of the top trading platforms. Now that you know their strong and weak sides, making a decision will be much simpler.

Please note one thing: these platforms should rather be used for active trading and exchanges. If you opt for a long-term crypto storage solution, check out our list of BTC wallets.

Trade carefully, and good luck!

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