Ripple CTO David Schwartz Mocks Joe Rogan Exclusive Spotify Deal

Fri, 05/22/2020 - 11:04
Vladislav Sopov
Famous podcast host Joe Rogan's decision to move his show from YouTube to Spotify has caught the attention of the crypto community familiar with Google's content policy
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Two days ago, top podcast host and standup comic Joe Rogan announced that he will be moving his famous Joe Rogan Experience podcast to the Spotify platform by the end of this year. The media has characterized it as a 'massive, multi-year, unprecedented deal'.

New gatekeepers?

David Schwartz, a Software engineer and Chief Technical Officer at Ripple, Inc., commented on a piece from ex-Google developer and entrepreneur Vijay Boyapati.

Mr. Boyapati highlighted that the exclusiveness of the Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify undermines the freedom of information flow. It's definitely not the process the Internet was created for, he concludes:

Old gate keepers of the "official truth" would be disintermediated and we could all find the truth for ourselves. The reality is that the old gate keepers have just been replaced by new ones.

David Schwartz seconded his colleague's notion regarding information flow vulnerabilities.

According to him, the Internet democratized the dissemination of information but it was only temporary relief.

Bye, YouTube

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast gained huge popularity on YouTube video hosting due to interesting discussions with Mr. Rogan's guests. E.g., in one recent episode, he invited Tesla's Elon Musk to smoke a joint in his podcast studio.

Some episodes have covered the cryptocurrency realm. Speaking with Mike Baker, former CIA officer and commercial security specialist, Mr. Rogan admitted that the most popular Bitcoin (BTC) advocate, Andreas Antonopoulos, failed to convince him on crypto.

That said, Mr. Rogan unveiled that he considers Gold (XAU) to be the safest investment instrument.

The Joe Rogan Experience will also be removed from Apple Podcasts and other popular platforms. The Spotify episodes will be free of charge, he has ensured.

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