TronWallet Adds Swap Pairs With Matic (MATIC), PundiX (NPXS), Kyber Network (KNC) and (MCO): Details

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 19:19
Vladislav Sopov
TronWallet, a secure peer-to-peer cryptocurrency wallet and exchange for TRX, BTC and ETH has added a couple of popular altcoins to its seamless Swap mechanism
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TronWallet, a decentralized multi-currency wallet designed for holding and exchanging crypto tokens, has added native coins of well-known cryptocurrency projects to its swap options.

Series of listings

Last week was particularly fruitful for TronWallet users in terms of new token listing announcements. On May 25th, the wallet team added Kyber Network Crystals (KNC) to its Swap feature. This token powers the Kyber Network, the most popular decentralized liquidity protocol.

Two days after the KNC Swaps release, the NPXS token, designed by PundiX Labs, enhanced the trading toolkit of TronWallet. Since the NPXS asset is widely used in retail cryptocurrency payments, this announcement, particularly, could bootstrap mainstream adoption of crypto.

Yesterday, MATIC, the core asset of the Matic Network, an Ethereum (ETH) Layer 2 scalability solution based on Plasma frameworks and Proof of Stake (PoS), also joined the ranks of TronWallet assets in the Swap tool.

Recently, the Matic Network team announced a long-awaited mainnet launch, so listing on TronWallet could significantly increase the liquidity influx for MATIC.

Lastly, MCO, the token of the exchange ecosystem was implemented into the seamless Swap mechanisms of TronWallet on May 29th. The platform provides pre-paid cards and other services aimed to assist customers buy and spend cryptocurrencies more easily in their daily life.

Automated swaps for best profit

Every token is available in Swap pairs to & from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), the U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) and TWX, the native token of the wallet.

Misha Lederman, the Director of Communications and Marketing at TronWallet.Me, explained to U.Today Crypto News, what makes TronWallet Swaps particularly lucrative for users:  

The TronWallet Swap itself is conducted by fully autonomous bots that are built in-house with proprietary technology, which continuously monitor for the best exchange rate and lowest prices for the user among top exchanges. The Swap is an innovative one-click solution that saves the user precious time, while keeping the tokens off exchanges and inside the wallet’s safe encrypted system, where the user has full ownership over their keys and their crypto

So simply put, a Swap is executed when the TronWallet system detects the best market conditions for a particular trade.

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